15 Reasons A Reality Show About Pixar Studios Should Be A Thing

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If you’re growing tired of abused tots in tiaras and redneck families who hold monster farting sessions, it may be that today’s reality television has become just a little too…real. How refreshing it would be to sit down to a reality show that offered up sophisticated humor, inspiration and a hard work ethic, instead of housewives fighting.

Enter the “Pixar Reality Show” and 15 good reasons we’d have for tuning in each week.

1. John Lasseter’s Office

Pixar could easily dedicate one entire season to a behind-the-scenes tour of John Lasseter’s colorful shirts…er…office. Between the floor-to-ceiling shelves of toys and mountains of space rangers in every size and articulation, this single room is every kid’s dream and every cleaning staff’s nightmare. If action figures really do come to life after the lights go out at night, John Lasseter’s office must be the Times Square of Toyland.

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